Why KOMAL IPL over traditional hair removal?

Why KOMAL IPL over traditional hair removal?

Who doesn’t dream of that picture perfect silky and hair free skin, right? Isn’t this the utter temptation behind razoring or waxing?

Hair removal such as razoring gives you hair free skin, but for how long? Maybe a week or so? It is more likely to grow back in a week or less.  Actually, shaving every once a week might not be that hard of a job, right? So, what’s the actual downside? Razoring appears too obvious that you have razored your skin. All those razor bumps and dark hair spot, no one will want those. Not to mention about painful waxing days. Throughout, these are the main cause why you should switch to IPL.

IPL reduces destroys the follicle, which makes it incapable of producing hair, which also means no rapid ingrown or the obvious dark spots, bumps.







Growth phase

A week or less

2 to 3 weeks



extremely painful

After uses

visibility of dark spots in the removed area

No dark spots but visibility of bumps  may appear in some people for some days.

Removal Depth

Not fully removed from the follicle. Removes only visible surface hair

Removes the hair follicle along with the hair temporarily. After some period of time, hair follicle will be germinated again

Regrowth consistency

Hair grows back thicker

Hair grows back thinner


IPL laser removal



Growth phase

Your hair will stop to grow in between 8 to 12 sessions



After uses

No dark spots or bumps instead your skin will appear soft, glow and smooth

Removal depth

Removes the hair from follicle itself permanently allowing the hair not to grow back from there again

Regrowth Consistency


Hair grows thinner and relatively lesser with every session and ultimately will stop growing


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