Do`s & Don'ts while doing IPL Sessions

Do`s & Don'ts while doing IPL Sessions

‘IPL hair removal’, a permanent hair reduction solution! Well, I guess,
you might have been coming across this term quiet often, maybe in
social medias or while surfing your browser. Regardless to say, it is now
the most used and preferred hair reduction or removal solution for long
term results.
It has been doing wonders, specially for those, whose hair grows really
fast. With every use, your hair growth rate will slow down and
ultimately stop growing for long term.
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If you follow up the procedure in a right way, maintaining the regular
sessions throughout, the results will do wonders to your hairy skin.

Don’t worry! The procedures are just as easy. Here, we have sorted out
the things to be kept in mind while having IPL session.

Before Uses

1.Shave before use
IPL device specifically targets the pigment of the hair and destroys the
hair from the follicle. Your unremoved hair might block the laser light
from entering into the hair follicle, since laser light will be exposed to
hair instead of pigments of hair, making the treatment ineffective.

2. Clean the area before use
Make sure that your skin is clean and free from any other products i.e.
creams or cosmetics

1.Don’t have IPL treatments on daily basis
Using IPL on daily basis might irritate your skin and burn them. If you
want to achieve the results fast then using it daily isn’t the key. It will
damage your hair and skin instead for long term.
Be cautious of antibiotic
There are chances of getting burned or hyperpigmented as antibiotic is
a light sensitive medication. So, you will be required to postpone your
IPL sessions if you are prone to taking antibiotics.

2.No waxing or plucking, only shaving
For IPL treatment to work, your hair follicle must be present. While
waxing or plucking, the hair follicle will be extracted along with the hair,
which makes shaving your best option.


1.Wear protective glasses during the session
The sudden laser flashes might be irritative to your skin and eye sight
temporarily. So, it is recommended to use protective glasses.

2.Make sure that your skin is completely dry.
Before having your session be sure to dry out your skin if its wet. You
might feel more heat exposure in wet area.

1.Don’t use IPL on tattoos
IPL targets pigments and colors which attracts more inks in tattoos.
Thus, your skin might burn or cause scarring over that area.

2.Don’t use the flashes more than three times in the same area
Doing so might be irritative to your skin

1.Cool your skin after treatment.
Apply ice water, ice or cooling gel to the treated skin area. This will cool
down toy skin from the heating sensation of laser light. Furthermore, it
Always remember sunscreen
As you have been already exposed to laser, a form of light. Getting
further exposed to sunlight may burn your skin. So, you are strictly
recommended to use sunscreen with high SPF at (least 30)

2. Avoid direct sun exposure in direct sunlight for few days after IPL
Getting exposed to direct sunlight might cause tan temporary tan on
your skin. So, it is best to avoid direct sun exposure to that area for few

1.don’t hit gym, sauna on the session day
As your skin will have heating effects for a while after treatment, your
skin might not the further heat procedure subsequently causing
reactions, creating spots on your skin
2. Don’t use any chemicals, makeup, perfume or harsh products on
your skin for the day
Using the harsh products might irritate the skin as your skin is just
treated with laser light.

3. Don’t wear tight or irritative
Use breathable clothes and comfortable clothes after your IPL session
to make your skin feel at edge.
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